Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bloomington Roundup!

Wow....what a busy but fulfilling weekend. The Ohio Roller Girls traveled to Bloomington, IN for a double header against the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls. OHRG came away with two wins but those girls put up quite a fight (and our bruised jaws are there to prove it).

On top of all THAT excitement, I cut off a massive amount of my hair. It looked like there was a sleeping Pomeranian on the floor, seriously. This picture is just what she cut off before she did any of the color.
Roberta did an amazing job and I'm quite pleased with the results. I was well overdue to get the rat's nest chopped off my head but was spurred into action when I realized it was Roberta's last week before her maternity leave!
No more dealing with 8 lbs of hair being under a helmet for 6 hours a week! Now for the gratuitous Before/After shot (I'm wearing my newly finished Alpaca cardigan in the before pic!!)

 SO before we even left for our big Indiana adventure, I needed to invent a yummy power breakfast and came up with an AWESOME Pureed Spinach Fritatta. It was beautifully green and delicious.

It was just a basic egg white Fritatta with onions and parmesan but I sauteed spinach with garlic and basil and pureed it with some light sour cream before adding it to the egg mixture. Yum Yum.

After such a lush breakfast, it was time to hit the road. For those of you who don't know. I hate driving. HATE IT. I hated it more when I drove my Beetle which I lovingly referred to as my "Certain Highway Death" machine. It was a perfectly safe car but I just felt so SMALL in I definitely am a bit better now that I drive my Element. But I still hate driving. So lucky us, the fabulous NSO Extraordinaire Kill C. Grammar loves to drive and is usually our road trip chauffeur deluxe. The trip to Bloomington is about 3.5-4 hours and we were even able to stop and meet the Barz entourage for some crappy roadside Mexican food. We also suffered some disappointment at the hand of the cheese gods when we stopped here:

 We are apparently total Grandpa's Cheese Barn snobs because this place just didn't cut it. As Rogi said, "their cheese curds were imported!!!" They did have Spoon Trash though!

 We arrived just on time to Bloomington's Twin Lakes Rec Center which was a pretty nice place if the basketball court we skated on was a bit slick. Gang Green dominated from the get go. The refs warned us about high blocks and man, they were everywhere. At one point, Harley looked over to watch me get decked in the jaw and she reached over to make sure I didn't fall over, ha! We maintained a nice lead throughout and it would have been more of a blow out if it weren't for the final jam completely sucking- gotta give the home crowd something, eh?. Oh well, Rogi came away with some of Tijuana Mama's tutu as a souvenir!

The Charter Team game is where it got exciting. The BHRG Flatliners actually had the lead at the beginning and then it flip flopped for a while with differences of only a point or two. They have some very talented skaters; I was especially impressed with Kaka Caliente. Hellion later told me, "she's not really hot shit".... but she was pritty-pritty sweet. They jammed her for what seemed like every other jam though and I think fatigue caught up with her. In the second half OHRG finally got their stride and put up a few big jams thanks in part to some awesome skating by Kitty Liquorbottom. OHRG finally finished the game with a 30 point lead. The last jam ended as one of the Flatliners lost a wheel! Loraine Acid gave us a bit of a scare when she had to be taken to the hospital to be checked for a concussion (high blocks!!) but we soon learned that she was fine!

It was awesome to see the CT come together at the end and get the win especially because it was Hell Camino's last bout :(
Camino is one of my oldest friends and the reason that I am playing derby now. She came out of retirement to skate this year and I'm so thankful she did but now it's never going to be the same without her. I know she'll still be at all the bouts and her Pet sitting business Tail of a Good Time is really taking off...... I will miss her!!!!

The afterparty was at a pretty douchy college bar so we took off to find the local gay bar with some of the BHRGers. Upon returning to the hotel, we found a room full of Ohio girls sleeping by a campfire after being locked out of their room. Gotta love Ohio!!!

And now it is time for me to rant about how I want it to be Fall NOW. I finished my Cashmere Blend Neckwarmer and it needs to cool down so I can wear it! Even if my face looks stupid when I have it on....



  1. hey, your hair looks good not straightened too! you kind remind me of the "basketcase" from breakfast club in that picture. xoxo!

  2. I too will miss Camino. Also you said that bar was kinda douche-y but what you meant was REALLY F-ING douche-y.


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